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Band Banquet Awards Presented

LOGAN — The Logan High School Instrumental Music Department held the annual Band Banquet awards ceremony virtually Thursday night. Special recognition was given to Brenda Rowe and Clarissa Rowe for their help in recording and producing the award’s video.

John Philip Sousa Band Award — Jacob Thompson, son of Dave and Mandy Thompson was presented the award.

“The John Philip Sousa Band Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music,” explained Pam Price, Logan High School Band Director.

“For Singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, for displaying generally those qualities of conduct which school instrumental music strives to impart,” she stated.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award — Logan Leffler, daughter of Keith and Rachel Leffler received this award.

“This award is in memory of jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, and recognizes an outstanding musician in the Logan High School Jazz program,” Jazz Band Co-Director Ben Wright said.

Marine Semper Fidelis Award — Presented to Megan Danison, daughter of Brad and Julie Danison. This award is given in “Recognition of Diligence, Dedication and Musical Excellence as a Performing High School Bandsman and Soloist.”

Al Horsky Award — Delaney Kelch, daughter of Galen and Betsy Kelch was presented with The Al Horsky award. This award, established by former students retired Logan High School Band Director Jeff North, and current Logan High School Band Director Pam Price, is “for someone who displays only the best in musical excellence and attitude through hard work and dedication” which are traits of Horsky during his 20-year tenure as Logan High School Band Director.

Harold R. Smith Award — Recipient of the Harold R. (Big Smitty) Smith award was Isabella Ireton, daughter of John and Andrea Ireton.

“This award represents pride toward the band, pride in self performance, leadership, desire for an outstanding group, responsibility and devotion,” Price explained.

“This award reflects Big Smitty in spirit, dedication, and exceptional enthusiasm,” the director added. “Musical excellence, leadership, and dedication to the band program are the basis for this award.”

Directors Award — Emily Stout, daughter of Mark and Mindy Stout; and Collin Rimkus, son of Greg and Heidi Rimkus were the recipients of The Directors Award for Band. This award is for outstanding musicianship and contributions to the band program.

Bill Miller Memorial Award — Recipient of the Bill Miller Memorial Award was Alexis Kilkenny, daughter of Bob and Christin Kilkenny.

“Exceptional enthusiasm, spirit, loyalty, desire, and interest in the instrumental music program of the Logan-Hocking Schools are the qualities on which this award is based, “ Price commented.

Outstanding Members of the Senior Band Award — Recipients of the Outstanding Members of the Senior Band were Caitlyn Myers, daughter of Brad and Janet Myers; and Kaitlynne Peters, daughter of Jason and Lindsey Peters.

Outstanding Freshmen Members of the Senior Band — Emily Chaffin, daughter of Randy and Amanda Chaffin; Jordan Praither, daughter of Roy and Meisha Praither; and Ian Shields, son of Shawn and Karii Shields were honored as Outstanding Freshmen Members of Senior Band.

Barton Holl Scholarship — Kaden Hedges received the Barton Holl Scholarship. The Holl scholarship is awarded each year to a student(s) planning to pursue or currently pursuing a course of study in the area of music. Kaden is a 2018 graduate and will be a junior at Ohio University this fall majoring in Music Education.

The Logan Alumni Band/Al Horsky Scholarship — This is awarded to a student pursuing a degree in Music Education at Ohio University. The scholarship was awarded to 2017 graduate Clarissa Rowe. Clarissa will be a senior at Ohio University majoring in Music Education and Flute Performance.

Jeffrey North Scholarship — A scholarship was established two years ago by the Logan Band Boosters honoring retired Director of Bands, Jeffrey North and is given to a graduating senior in the band attending college in any field. Jacob Thompson, son of Dave and Mandy Thompson was the recipient of this scholarship and was presented by Jeffrey North.

G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Scholarship — This year additional scholarships were able to be presented thanks to G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be entering a two or four-year college in the fall and majoring in any field of their choice. They must have demonstrated dedication to the band program by performing in various band groups, volunteering to work at concession stands and the fair booth, as well as participating in fundraisers and other booster sponsored events.

Students must also have demonstrated strong leadership skills both on and off the field and stage. The band boosters carefully reviewed all student applications and recipients were chosen. Those recipients are Sydnee Breining, daughter of James and Heather Breining; Megan Danison, daughter of Brad and Julie Danison; Isabella Ireton, daughter of John and Andrea Ireton; Delaney Kelch, daughter of Galen and Betsy Kelch; Alexis Kilkenny, daughter of Bob and Christin Kilkenny; Logan Leffler, daughter of Keith and Rachel Leffler; Kyler Mullins, son of James and Missy Mullins; Caitlyn Myers, daughter of Brad and Janet Myers; and Emily Stout, daughter of Mark and Mindy Stout.

Certificate of Merit/Certificate of Musicianship — Madi Leach, daughter of Steve and Leigh Ann Leach and Megan Danison were awarded a Certificate of Merit for their many hours of service as band librarians. Kennedy Cottrill, daughter of James and Tamee Cottrill was presented a Certificate of Musicianship for outstanding musical contributions and extra effort learning cymbals during marching season her senior year.

All freshmen members of the band received an “L” lyre patch, sophomore members received instrument pins, and junior members received lyre pins. All seniors in the band received statuettes.

Pep Band members receiving shoulder patches included Jaden Border, Brooke Burns, Victoria McCarty, Kaitlynne Peters, Ian Shields, Brianna Mount, Maddie Wittman, Emily Stout, Isabella Ireton, Cierra Staten, Leeanna Nutt, Jonah Green, Shaniqua Kamara, Emily Stine, Caitlyn Myers, Zach McManaway, Ally Bias, Bailey Lape, Jacob Thompson, Tessa Luicart, Koen Whitescarver, Delaney Kelch, Savannah Green, Elyssa Wolfe, Emily Chaffin, Lexi Kilkenny, Sam Huntsberger, Megan Danison, Collin Rimkus, Nicole Lehman, Chase Arnett, Tyler Compton, Levi Keck, Rebekah Zirkle, Zander McCrady, Chloe Hunsaker, Noah Bailes, Aaron June, Lauren Begley, Erica Keels, Elizabeth Malone, Andrea Colvin, Emilee Bennett, Alleana Brown, Skilahr Robinette, JD Sutton, Trinity Cade, Logan Bailes, Isee Beiter, Caeleb Starkey, Gavyn Monk, Isaac DeBord, Jordan Praither, Theresa Keels, and Kennedy Cottrill.

Ninety Percent Club Award — Winners were Cody Addington, Chase Arnett, Logan Bailes, James Bartolovich, Lauren Begley, Sarah Bentley, Ally Bias, Lauren Blatchley, Jaelyn Boggess, Jaden Border, Sydnee Breining, Alleana Brown, Ashley Burns, Brooke Burns, Rylei Burns, Emily Chaffin, Tyler Compton, Kennedy Cottrill, Megan Danison, Colton Davis, Isaac DeBord, Addi Decot, Maddie Elliott, Jonah Green,Arizona Hamm, Jordyn Haybron, Zachary Herring, Mya Holdren, Sam Huntsberger, Isabella Ireton, Grace Johnson, Madelyn Johnson, Shaniqua Kamara, Levi Keck, Delaney Kelch, Michael Kienzle, Lexi Kilkenny, Bailey Lape, Madi Leach, Logan Leffler, Brooke Lindsey, Tessa Luicart, Kadee Lutz, Julia Ly, Mikkel Matheny, Victoria McCarty, Gavyn Monk, Brianna Mount, Caitlyn Myers, Leeanna Nutt, Kaitlynne Peters, Jordan Praither, Collin Rimkus, Josie Rimkus, Emilee Siders, Caeleb Starkey, Cierra Staten, Emily Stine, Emily Stout, JD Sutton, Ian Shields, Jacob Thompson, Nicole VanBibber, Hope Wilson, Maddie Wittman, and Elyssa Wolfe.

Jazz Band — Members receiving awards included Caitlyn Myers, Madi Leach, Rylei Burns, Nicole VanBibber, Ally Bias, Lauren Begley, Shaniqua Kamara, Kaitlynne Peters, Zach McManaway, Ian Shields, Bailey Lape, Josie Rimkus, James Bartolovich, Jacob Thompson, Jaelyn Boggess, Tessa Luicart, Koen Whitescarver, Emily Stine, Trinity Cade, Michael Kienzle, Grace Johnson, Carly Leach, Erica Keels, Emilee Bennett, Andrea Colvin, Jamison Gentzel, Alleana Brown, Samuel Huntsberger, Megan Danison, Collin Rimkus, Lexi Kilkenny, Levi Keck, Chase Arnett, Julia Ly, Cody Addington, Lilly Taylor, Rebekah Zirkle, Tehya Durst, Nicole Lehman, Chloe Hunsaker, Colton Davis, Logan Leffler, Isaac DeBord, Caeleb Starkey, Logan Bailes, Jordan Praither, Theresa Keels, and Gavyn Monk.

Solo and Ensemble — Participants receiving awards were Jaelyn Boggess, Tessa Luicart, Jacob Thompson, Leeanna Nutt, Madi Leach, Sarah Bentley, Emily Stine, Logan Bailes, Isee Beiter, Isaac DeBord, Jordan Praither, Logan Leffler, James Bartolovich, Koen Whitescarver, Josie Rimkus, Bailey Lape, Brianna Mount, Emily Fetherolf, Ian Shields, Victoria McCarty, Arizona Hamm, Ally Bias, Caitlyn Myers, Emily Stout, Jonah Green, Shaniqua Kamara, Kennedy Cottrill, Isabella Ireton, Jordyn Haybron, Maddie Wittman, Kaitlynne Peters, Jaden Border, Brooke Burns, Rylei Burns, JD Sutton, Alleana Brown, Erica Keels, Aaron June, Lauren Begley, Colton Davis, Andrea Colvin, Elizabeth Malone, Jamison Gentzel, Grace Johnson, Savannah Green, Emily Chaffin, Elyssa Wolfe, Delaney Kelch, Rebekah Zirkle, Cody Addington, Chase Arnett, Sam Huntsberger, Lexi Kilkenny, Collin Rimkus, and Megan Danison.

Band Officers — Receiving awards were Jacob Thompson, President; Logan Leffler Vice-President; Lexi Kilkenny, Secretary; Delaney Kelch, Treasurer; Madi Leach and Megan Danison, Librarians; Collin Rimkus, Senior Representative; Addi Decot, Junior Representative; Julia Ly, Sophomore Representative; and Jordan Praither, Freshmen Representative.

After the awards were announced, there was a special senior tribute by Lexi Kilkenny, which included then (baby) and now (senior) pictures of our 18 graduating seniors, highlight moments from our marching and concert seasons, as well as the magical moments of our Disney Trip featuring the awesome photography of Dan Keck.

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