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Battery Sale March 1st-18th

The next fundraiser will run March 1st-18th. This fundraiser has items that EVERYONE uses in their homes. We will be selling Alkaline batteries, flashlights, and phone chargers. High quality wireless earbuds, battery operated lanterns, headlamps and solar powered phone chargers. The batteries have been tested and validated by an independent consumer product testing lab to perform equal to or better than Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac. They have have a 10 Year shelf life guarantee.

Students will collect the payment for orders when the buyer places the order. The student will also need an accurate address for the buyer. The purchased items will be sent directly to the buyer from the supplier.

There will also be an online website for family and friends to place orders. This will be great for those that don't live in this area that would like to help. As long as they list your students name on the order, your student receives the credit. They even pay online so you don't even have to collect the payment.

This is a great opportunity for students to help raise funds for their 2020 Disney trip.

Here is the link for anyone wishing to place an order. LINK

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