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Parent Information for 8th Grade Band Football Performance for this Friday, October 13th.

The 8th band will be participating in the Halftime show this Friday, Oct. 13. In preparation for this exciting event, the 8th grade band will be practicing on Thursday, October 12 at 1:50 with the High School Band. 8th band students will be dismissed from class approximately 1:25 to gather all belongings/instruments and be bussed over to the HS. We will practice on the main football field. 8th band students will be finished in time to ride their regular bus home. They will board their bus at the High School instead of the Middle School that day. Those students who ride bus 1 or 25 along with the students that have parent transportation will be bussed back to MS at 2:15. Students playing the drums, baritone, tuba, tenor sax, trombone may leave their instruments in the HS band room. The band directors will bring everything back to the Middle School for regular band practice on Friday.

For Friday’s game, students may take their instruments home after school or pick up at the Middle School before the game. I have asked for the Band door to be opened at 5:30 so that students may get their instruments. When the 8th band students arrive at the HS, there will be seating for 8th band in the end zone closest to main concession stand. They may leave cases in car or store behind the band bleachers in the end zone. 8th band students are encouraged to watch pregame (beginning at 6:35 p.m.) from either the home stands or the band stands to see what they will be part of next year. By the start of the game at 7 p.m., all 8th band students should be in those end zone seats (band bleachers). They will remain there until the halftime performance. At the end of the Halftime show, the 8th band will go on the field and play “Hang on Sloopy” and the L.H.S. Fightsong with the High School Band. The bands will march off the field and that will complete the 8th grade portion. Upon returning to the band stands at the start of 3rd quarter, the 8th grade band will be finished at that point. They may remain in the band stands (HS band goes to concessions during 3rd quarter so 8th band members would need money for food/drink if staying), leave and sit with parents/friends in the main stadium, or leave football game if necessary. Any 8th band students staying with the HS band through the end of the game will need to be picked up at the end of post game. The MS will be open again from 9:00 -10:30 p.m. to bring instruments back.

Dress for Friday’s game is purple on top, dark blue jeans, white tennis shoes (same dress we used for parades last year).

This is a new and exciting venture for the Logan Band program. This 8th grade band is a very talented and mature group. We hope that all participating find this to be an enjoyable and fun experience! Thank you parents for your cooperation! See you Friday!

Pam Price, Ben Wright, Jennifer Olis Logan Hocking Instrumental Music Department Directors

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