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LHS Bandsmen Recognized at Annual Band Banquet

LOGAN — Students were recognized for their hard work and dedication during the annual Logan High School Band Banquet, held Tuesday in the LHS cafeteria by the LHS Instrumental Music Department.

The evening began with a welcome by Rick Hacker, president of the LHS Band Boosters, who invited sophomore David Vickroy to give the invocation prior to the dinner.

Band president Josie Duke introduced the band boosters, special guests, and of course, the senior class.

Band director Jeff North also addressed the students, congratulating them on a wonderful year and thanking them for their hard work.

North spoke at length about class, and read an excerpt from an advice column by the late Ann Landers titled, “You don’t need cash to have class.”

At the end of the reading, North stated that he wished each of his students class and integrity as they live their lives and wished them all the very best.

Awards began with all of the students receiving class-specific pieces to commemorate their year in the band.

Freshman band members were awarded a “L” lyre patch, sophomore members received instrument pins for their patches and junior received lyre pins.

Seniors received engraved ink pens and photographs of themselves and their families, as well as a statuette of them in their uniforms, a tradition that has held for at least 40 years.

Several individual awards were given out to outstanding students for their skill and dedication to the band.

“The John Philip Sousa Band Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those qualities of conduct which school instrumental music strives to impart,” explained North.

Receiving this year’s John Philip Sousa Band Award was Lainie Nakanishi, daughter of Barb Nakanishi and Duane Nakanishi.

According to North, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award is in memory of jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, and recognizes an outstanding musician in the LHS jazz program.

This year’s recipient was Trenton Elliott, son of Nikki and Shad Elliott.

The recipient of the Marine Semper Fidelis Award was Riley Kelch, son of Galen and Betsy Kelch.

This award is given in recognition of diligence, dedication, and musical excellence as a performing high school bandsman and soloist, and was awarded by Staff Sgt. David Wood.

McKayla Anderson, daughter of Shawn and Tami Anderson, and Jason Erb, son of Mike and Amy Erb, were presented with the Al Horsky award.

This award was established by current band directors and former students North and Pam Price to recognize someone who displays only the best in musical excellence and attitude through hard work and dedication.

According to North and Price, these were traits of Horsky during his 20-year tenure as LHS band director.

Elizabeth Mullins, daughter of Missy and Jim Mullins; and Clarissa Rowe, daughter of Brenda and Mark Rowe, were the recipients of the Directors Award for Band, which was awarded based on outstanding musicianship and contributions to the band program.

Receiving the of the Harold R. (Big Smitty) Smith award were Philip Engler, son of Nadine and Steve Engler; and Corder VanBibber, son of Jody and Tracy VanBibber.

“This award represents pride toward the band, pride in self performance, leadership, desire for an outstanding group, responsibility and devotion,” North explained. “This award reflects Big Smitty in spirit, dedication, and exceptional enthusiasm as well as musical excellence, leadership, and dedication to the band program.”

The Bill Miller Memorial Award was presented to Josie Duke, daughter of Dustin and Christine Duke, and Miranda Thompson, daughter of John and Sheri Thompson, for their exceptional enthusiasm, spirit, loyalty, desire, and interest in the instrumental music program of the Logan-Hocking schools.

Katelyn Dane, daughter of Julie Dane; and Micaela Leach, daughter of Steve and Leigh Ann Leach, were both recognized as outstanding freshman members of the senior band.

Delaney Kelch, daughter of Galen and Betsy Kelch, was recognized as the outstanding eighth-grade member.

Hannah Barlow, daughter of Don and Melane Barlow; Austin Ly, son of Jennifer Jones; and Jacob Brown, son of Leslie Brown and Cody Brown, were honored as outstanding members of senior band.

Zane Murrey, a 2014 LHS graduate, received the Barton Holl Scholarship and the Logan Alumni Band/Al Horsky Scholarship.

The Holl scholarship is awarded each year to a student planning to pursue a course of study in the area of music while the Logan Alumni Band/Al Horsky scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a degree in Music Education at Ohio University.

Austin Ly and Miranda Thompson were awarded a Certificate of Merit for their many hours of service as band librarians.

Musicianship certificates were presented in recognition of outstanding musicianship and distinguished musical contributions to the following students:

Freshmen: Katelyn Dane, Anna Goss and Micaela Leach.

Sophomores: Emily Anzalone, Madison Chaffin, Bailey Farley, Brandi Farley, Kaden Hedges, Shasta Kamara, Jared Malone, Allyson Nakanishi, Caitlyn Nixon, Josh Price, Leah Taynor, David Vickroy, and Dana Woltz.

Juniors: Faith Barnes, Jacob Brown, Sam Carr, Paige Dane, Tanner Jones, Riley Kelch, Alex Lindsey, Austin Ly, Shawnshea McClelland, Jesse McLin, Clarissa Rowe, Mya Schultz and Cassady Thrapp.

Seniors: McKayla Anderson, Josie Duke, Trenton Elliott, Philip Engler, Elizabeth Mullins, Lainie Nakanishi, Miranda Thompson and Corder VanBibber.

North noted that all of these students sit at the top of their sections and participate in many ensembles.

Pep Band members were also recognized and awarded shoulder patches. These students included Taylor Crawford, Clarissa Rowe, Elizabeth Mullins, Katelyn Dane, Emily Bentley, Shawnshea McClelland, Meghan Rouse, Lainie Nakanishi, Shasta Kamara, Emiliee Smith, Samantha Coy, J’Lynn Lauderdale, Morgan McGee, Morgan Bauman, Allyson Nakanishi, Paige Dane, Caitlin Prideau, Dana Woltz, Josh Price, McKayla Anderson, Liberty Russell, Mya Schultz, Olivia Proctor, Drake Turner, Riley Kelch, Austin Ly, Corder VanBibber, Bailey Farley, Alex Lindsey, Maddy Gallagan, Caitlyn Nixon, Cassady Thrapp, Jordan Wolfe, Brandi Farley, Mallory Robison, Miranda Thompson, Maria Shepherd, Brody Cottrill, Leah Taynor, Sammi Strickland, Emma Watters, McKenzie Schultz, Madison Chaffin, Delaney Kelch, Faith Barnes, Kaitlyn McGrath, Brittnie Davis, Brianna Garraway, Jacob Brown, Jared Malone, Austin Drennen, Kaden Hedges, David Vickroy, Josie Duke, Trenton Elliott, Philip Engler, Abbey Jackson, Kaylee Culbertson, Caleb Herring, Sam Carr, Zach Hanson, Bobby Finney, Dustin Coulardot, Cody Burns and Ryan Patton.

Show Band members receiving awards were Clarissa Rowe, Elizabeth Mullins, Katelyn Dane, Lainie Nakanishi, Jesse McLin, J’lynn Lauderdale, Miranda Thompson, Riley Kelch, Austin Ly, Jacob Brown, Tanner Jones, Jared Malone, Faith Barnes, Madison Chaffin, Erin Fitzhugh, Madison Perry, Sam Carr, Kaylee Culbertson and Trenton Elliott.

Ninety percent club award winners, those students who maintained a 90 percent throughout the year, were McKayla Anderson, Emily Anzalone, Hannah Barlow, Faith Barnes, Ainsleigh Beckett, Emily Bentley, Makayla Boysel, Bailey Brown, Jacob Brown, Cody Burns, Sam Carr, Madison Chaffin, Hannah Clarke, Hannah Copley, Haylee Copley, Destiny Cordle, Brody Cottrill, Keston Cottrill, Morgan Cottrill, Dustin Coulardot, Taylor Crawford, Kaylee Culbertson, Katelyn Dane, Paige Dane, Morgan Daugherty, Josie Duke, Trenton Elliott, Philip Engler, Jason Erb, Bailey Farley, Brandi Farley, Brittany Farley, Robert Finney, Maddy Gallagan, Anna Goss, Zach Hanson, Jordi Hedges, Kaden Hedges, Caleb Herring, Abbey Jackson, Tanner Jones, Jerry June, Shasta Kamara, Delaney Kelch, Riley Kelch, Isis Lamore, J’lynn Lauderdale, Micaela Leach, Alex Lindsey, Austin Ly, Caedon Ly, Jared Malone, Shawnshea McClelland, Brynn McKinley, Jesse McLin, Jacy Mitchell, Olivia Miller, Shailyn Mullett, Elizabeth Mullins, Tristan Myers, Allyson Nakanishi, Lainie Nakanishi, Caitlyn Nixon, Stefani O’Neill, Ryan Patton, Sierra Perkins, Josh Price, Caden Primmer, Clarissa Rowe, Chris Schluep, Mya Schultz, Emilee Smith, Ashlee Spicer, Sammi Strickland, Elizabeth Tarsoly, Leah Taynor, Miranda Thompson, Cassady Thrapp, Alaina Turner, Corder VanBibber, Kristy Vargo, David Vickroy, Ashly Wilkison, Dana Woltz, Jordan Wolfe, and Hollie Woodson.

Jazz Band members receiving awards included Allyson Nakanishi, Clarissa Rowe, Paige Dane, Elizabeth Mullins, Kristy Vargo, Morgan Cottrill, Hannah Barlow, Dana Woltz, Shasta Kamara, Morgan McGee, Abby Sutton, Josh Price, Libby Russell, Zach Valentine, McKayla Anderson, Olivia Proctor, Drake Turner, Kaden Hedges, Caitlin Prideau, Jacob Brown, Faith Barnes, Jared Malone, Brayden Reis, Austin Drennen, Corder VanBibber, Miranda Thompson, Austin Ly, Caitlyn Nixon, Madison Chaffin, Leah Taynor, Bailey Farley, Alex Lindsey, Samantha Strickland, Xavier Cooper, Caedon Ly, Kelby Primmer, Trenton Elliott, Philip Engler, Sam Carr, Kaylee Culbertson, Chris Schluep, Riley Kelch and Caden Primmer.

Solo and Ensemble participants receiving awards were Lainie Nakanishi, Jesse McLin, Isis Lamore, Hollie Woodson, Jordi Hedges, Emilee Smith, Shasta Kamara, Ashlee Spicer, Meghan Bauman, Gabby Trippier, J’lynn Lauderdale, Anna Goss, Clarissa Rowe, Emily Bentley, Alexis Huffines, Taylor Crawford, Shawnshea McClelland, Nikki Davis, Elizabeth Mullins, Micaela Leach, Meghan Rouse, Katelyn Dane, Ainsleigh Beckett, Austin Ly, Riley Kelch, Miranda Thompson, Caitlyn Nixon, Cassady Thrapp, Leah Taynor, Alex Lindsey, Sammi Strickland, Tanner Jones, Jacob Brown, Faith Barnes, Brittnie Davis, Madison Chaffin, Emily Anzalone, Shailyn Mullett, Erin Fitzhugh, David Vickroy, Jared Malone, Bailey Farley, Brandi Farley, Trenton Elliott, Jason Erb, Josie Duke, Tristan Myers, Allyson Nakanishi, Paige Dane, Dana Woltz, Kristy Vargo, McKayla Anderson, Kaden Hedges, Kaitlynn McGrath and Hannah Barlow.

Band officers were also recognized for their service. They were Josie Duke, president; Hannah Barlow, vice-president; Maddy Gallagan, secretary; Riley Kelch, treasurer; Austin Ly and Miranda Thompson, librarians; Keston Cottrill, senior representative; Sam Carr, junior representative; Emily Anzalone, sophomore representative, and Emma Watters, freshmen representative.

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