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Solo and Ensemble Contest Results

Logan High School Instrumentalists participated in the District XV Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, January 24th, at Pickerington North High School. Over 1000 students across Central Ohio participated in this annual event at this location. Students were rated as Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. Horn Quartet (Superior Rating) Emily Anzalone, Alan Barnett, Madison Chaffin, John Auker. Trombone Quartet (Good Rating) Jared Malone, Tanner Jones, Jacob Brown, Keri Hunt. Trumpet Quartet (Excellent Rating) Riley Kelch, Austin Ly, Miranda Thompson, Bailey Farley. Sax Trio (Superior Rating) Allyson Nakanishi, Brenna Gates, Paige Dane. Clarinet Trio (Good Rating) Sydney Kendrick, Stefka Rosa, Chelsea Wollett. Brass Quintet (Superior Rating) Riley Kelch, Austin Ly, Alan Barnett, Andrew Wilkison, Alex Stine. Tuba Quartet (Excellent Rating) Andrew Wilkison, Faith Barnes, David Vickroy, Brady Hacker. Sax Ensemble (Good Rating) Kaden Hedges, Drake Turner, Tyler Wright, Libby Russell, McKayla Anderson. Clarinet Choir (Superior Rating) Chelsea Wollett, Sydney Kendrick, Lainie Nakanishi, J'Lynn Lauderdale, Stefka Rosa, Isis Lamore, Jesse McLin, Emilee Smith, Shasta Kamara, Jacy Mitchell, Hollie Woodson, and Skye Columb. Brass Choir (Excellent Rating) Andrew Wilkison, Faith Barnes, David Vickroy, Brady Hacker, Kaylee Wolfe, Emily Anzalone, Madison Chaffin, John Auker, Alan Barnett, Jacob Brown, Tanner Jones, Alex Lindsey, Brody Cottrill, Miranda Thompson, Austin Ly, and Riley Kelch. Soloists participating were Andrew Wilkison, euphonium (Excellent Rating), Trenton Elliott, percussion (Excellent Rating), and Kaylee Wolfe, tuba (Excellent Rating). Flute Choir (Excellent Rating) Emily Bentley, Nikki Davis, Alexis Huffines, Elizabeth Tarsoly, Alaina Turner, Clarissa Rowe, Elizabeth Mullins, Shawnshea McClelland, Adrienne Hacker, Taylor Crawford, and Alexis Morehead. Percussion Trio (Excellent Rating) Keston Cottrill, Morgan Daugherty, Tristan Myers, Percussion Quartet (Good Rating) Trenton Elliott, Jason Erb, Sam Carr. Not pictured Philip Engler.


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